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Illustration & animation student in London//joeyyu@hotmail.co.uk
girlincoma: Hey Joey, I'm following you for a long time on youtube and I also saw a lot drawings of yours(which i LOVED!) and I was wondering if you could help me somehow. What kind of drawing would you give to someone that you wanted him to know how important he is for you?(in a relationship or even in a friendly way)

HEY! that’s so sweet of you to say! ooh I don’t know how helpful I would be on this! how about drawing a collection of things that you know the other person likes, objects, tv shows, maybe you could draw a memory that you both share? a specific scene? something that shows you thought about it? or justbe super simple -you could always go for a drawing of you two together! thanks for following lovely! x


Rainbow clothes at art school.

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